Fundació Sol Solidari
How can you help?

How can you help?

Grants applied to public administrations cover specific projects, but not the overhead costs or the direct support to our counterpart. That´s why we thank so much private donations, which can be used in what we consider more urgent or priority.
If you want to collaborate economically with our work, you can donate to this account:

Triodos Bank - 1491 0001 21 2020056020
IBAN: ES77 1491 0001 2120 2005 6020

Burkina Solar Capital wants to increase its capital

This facility is used by Sol Solidari to provide credit to families wishing to purchase solar systems to enjoy access to electricity (see section What we do). The capital we have in Burkina is 4,000 € and thanks to the microcredit system each euro has been used five times. The rate of return is over 90%.
Now we want to raise capital to help more families and diversify microcredit also to improved stoves, solar ovens and solar dryers. Your cooperation will be very welcome!

We need a vehicle for our projects in Burkina Faso

The vehicle we use to implement projects in Burkina Faso is owned by our partner, Actualité-energie. The car has more than 20 years and many thousands of kilometers on the battered roads of the country and it often breaks, compromising the assembly of solar installations. It is a basic piece for our work and we are looking for a company that would like to donate an industrial second-hand vehicle of similar or larger size.