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What are we doing?

What are we doing?

Solar electrification of schools in Burkina Faso

With Actualité-énergie

We assemble autonomous facilities consisting of a solar panel, a battery, an inverter and light bulbs necessary to sufficiently illuminate a classroom on each school chosen. With each installation we add three portable solar lamps which for the use of teachers and students. Thanks to this action, each day some students can extend classes after dark and many meetings and other activities can take place.

In all the schools visited the project has been well received. They consider the solar facility a great benefit to the educational community. The students can use the classroom at night to do review classes and to prepare for exams, and the teachers use the classroom to prepare next day classes. And finally, some centers organize classes for adults at night time.

With the aim of co-responsibilize local communities in the project, teachers and parents have to take care of 25% of the cost of the installation. However, we have a long list of interested schools for next years.

This project is part of an ambitious program for solar electrification of schools in areas of the country without access to electricity. Since we began this program in 2011, we have brought electricity to 76 schools, thanks to the collaboration of Figueres town council , Castell-Platja d’Aro town councilDiputació de Girona and tienda Natura. It is estimated that the classrooms with solar facilities benefit directly or indirectly some 42,000 people.

In this map map you can see the location of the solar schools.

Burkina Solar Capital: Microcredits to promote solar facilities in Burkina Faso

With Actualité-énergie

This project provides access to credit to households with no access to electricity, or who cannot afford the price imposed by power companies. The solar installations we promote have enough power to illuminate an entire house and even to operate a TV. Families return the credit within 10 months. When the total amount has been returned, Actualité-energie, after consultation with Sol Solidari can establish a new microcredit agreement.

This system has already sold nearly 100 solar installations of 20 and 50 watts, with a capital cost of over 12 million CFA (almost € 20,000). Note that each euro invested in the project has already been used five times to provide microcredit and improve the lives of families in Burkina Faso.



Solar drying and marketing of fruits and vegetables in Burkina Faso

With Actualité-énergie

This project aims to help poor women living on some districts of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso’s capital) to get a job fair. A woman financially self-sustaining becomes the engine for the development of her family and her neighborhood.

We have created three production units (with a total of 15 solar dryers) which use fruits and vegetables during the time of maximum production, just when are subject to very low market prices. Big quantities get rotten and are thrown due partly to the lack of processing plants. Solar drying of fruits and vegetables does not need fuel consumption thanks to the immense solar potential of the country.

The three women's associations, functioning as cooperatives, receive advice and support from our local counterpart. The production is acquired by paying workers a fair price, is then centralized and sold both wholesale and through a store created specifically for this purpose in Ouagadougou.


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