Geographic location:
Khorixas district.

Developing World Solar and Welwitschia Development Trust.

Economic collaboration:
Own funds.

Solar cookers of the "Blazing Tube" model.

Desenvolupament: Until now (February 2011) 100 solar cookers of the Blazing Tube model have been introduced.

Cooking with the sun at Khorixas district (Namibia)

In Namibia, as all along Africa, food is cooked at the three stones fire, fed by firewood collected by women and child around the villages. The wood is more scarce day by day, the savannah is more deforested and many people suffer lungs or eyes diseases, due to the permanent exposition to the open fires smoke.
In spite of this, Namibia is one of the countries of the world with more hours of sun per year, a sun that different technologies can use with environmental, health and social benefits..


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