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Geographic localion:
Lalibela city and Abune Yosef massif.

Development Experience Association (DEA).

Economic collaboration:
Xarxa de Custòdia del TerritoriFigueres City CouncilDiputació de GironaCamping Illa Mateua and other private donations.

Technologies: Parabolic solar cookers and solar ovens.

Development: Until this moment (March 2012) 40 parabolic solar cookers (to families, prisons and tea shops) and 238 solar ovens (to families) have been introduced.

Below you will find news related to our projects in Ethiopia.


Cuines gonze al massís d'Abune Yossef

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Us fem cinc centims de com s'ha desenvolpat el projecte de cuines gonze, aquest mes de març de 2013, a la comarca de Lalibela, Etiòpia.

La cuina Gonze és una versió senzilla i millorada de la cuina tradicional de les tres pedres.


Consisteix en tres peces de fang que es col·loquen envoltant la foguera formant un receptacle estanc que permet disminuir a mínims la pèrdua d'energia calorífica pels laterals.

El consum de llenya es redueix en un 50/60% .Un altre avantatge que aporta és la disminució important quan a emissió de fum..

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Ethiopia (March 2011)

Big success of the sale of subsidized solar ovens in Lalibela (Ethiopia)

In 2008 we started to introduce solar ovens in Lalibela and in the Abune Yosef mountains. The solar ovens are a kind of sealed boxes with glass in the upper part. The solar rays that come into the box cannot go out of it and the inside heats up like a conventional oven. This oven is less expensive than a solar cooker, but it is also slower. The idea is to be able to cook without supervising the food whilst cooking; although the preparation of the food will take several hours.

In a first phase of the project the solar ovens were given free to the families with the biggest needs. These families were chosen by the kebeles to promote the knowledge of this new technology. In this way 166 ovens were given during the years 2008 and 2009.

Now that the people in this area have seen the functioning and the benefits of these solar ovens we took a start, in 2011, to sell them subsidized. If each solar oven (made in Addis Abeba) will cost us 45 Euros we will subsidize 80%, thanks to public and private donations, and the client only will have to pay 20%, about 8 Euros.

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