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Eight improved institutional stoves to to reduce the consumption of firewood

Sol Solidari has donated eight large institutional improved stoves to eight centers situated in the Department of Moungo (3 prisons, 3 orphanages, and 2 internships). In these centers, where is cooked for many people, solar cookers and stoves are not powerful enough. The chosen cookers, designed by Aprovecho Research Center of the United States can prepare food for a hundred people, using up to 75% less fuel!


This kitchen has a built-in 60-liter pot and a chimney to remove smoke, but emits up to 85% less emissions.



Thanks to the grant of the municipality of Castell-Platja d'Aro and the collaboration with our partner in Cameroon, Africa-EduSa, we could provide eight institutional kitchens. At each center benefited, we have brought the material, mounted, and took a small training session on its use, and maintenance advantages, among which the possibility of using wood and small branches, which typically burn too quick to fire three stones fire.



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